Unless you already know, or you prefer to go to a jeweler, an effective method to take the measure of a ring consists in the use of a paper cone.

Therefore, you will need to have these simple things:

- a ring of the right size (if you do not have one, ask friends or relatives); remember that in the evening the fingers are slightly more swollen than in the morning; so it is best  to do the measurements in the evening

- sheet of paper

- pencil or pen

- small ruler to measure cm/mm

- table ratio circumference/size (below)

To build our cone (in replacement of the so-called sizer-professional jeweler's) take a sheet of paper and roll it up (tight) to form a cone. Stop it with a bit of tape. Now take the ring of the right size for your finger and fit it into the cone until it stops, making sure that it is well placed horizontally with no pressure.

With the pencil or pen draw a line all around the ring (the part below); if the ring has obstacles (e.g. stones), turn slightly the ring on the cone, and trace the parts of the line missing.

Take the ring from the cone, pull the tape and roll well to the paper on a table and measure now the length of the line you have drawn with the ruler (centimeters and millimeters), because the line will be slightly curved to add an inch to the measurement; this line corresponds to the circumference. For safety, repeat the measurement of the ring with a new sheet.

Refer to the table below to “derive” the Italian measure of the ring (attention: different sizes are used abroad)

Circumference          Measures Of The Italian

cm 4,80                                          8

cm 5,00                                        10

cm 5,20                                        12

cm 5,40                                        14

cm 5,60                                        16

cm 5,80                                        18

cm 6,00                                        20


Please remember that this is a method of “emergency”; therefore, it is always advisable to go to a jeweler before making an important purchase.