Wedding rings

On the ringsinfinity website you will find hundreds of models of gold and platinum wedding rings.

They are all realized in the jewelery district of Vicenza (one of the most important in the world) with handcraft techniques and with the help of modern numerically controlled machines. This makes it possible to realize faithfully in any measure, even internationally, requested by the Customer.

We continually add new models to the site with:

- glossy surface

- striped surface

- hammered surface, and many other types

- white and black diamonds

- two or three different colors of gold

Platinum wedding ring / wedding rings were also introduced. We recall that platinum is a precious but hard material, it requires a great deal of patience and experience in machining for high tool wear.

On the ringsinfinity site you can find rings / wedding rings with the following surfaces:

- polished

- rows

- sandblast

- Diamond point patterns

- Satin

- speckled

- soft brush finish

- hammered

- ice

- other ...

These colors:

- White

- yellow

- rose

- and their combinations (bicolor / tricolor / etc ..)

The inner surface of the rings is generally of two types

- flat (for tight rings)

- comfortable - comfort fit (slightly rounded) for larger ring sizes.

The shape of the outer surface can be:

- flat

- rounded

- slightly rounded

- holloved

- and their combinations

Precious stones applied to rings or wedding rings

- white diamonds

- black diamonds

- pink sapphires 

All of our wedding rings are made of 18k or 950 platinum made exclusively in the jewelery district of Vicenza (Italy) with traditional equipment and with the modern numerically controlled machines (especially for interior measurements).

See our wedding ring in gold: