Generally the faith wedding are paid by the groom, however, has become a custom that the gift of the witnesses (but chosen by the spouses).

If at wedding there are pageboys or bridesmaids preceding the bride and groom at the altar, the wedding rings will be carried by them, generally placed on a small cushion in line with the style of the wedding.

Is said to bring bad luck to put the finger on the faith before the wedding (to verify the extent you are using other rings).

In some families, the wedding rings are handed down from generation to generation.

Many argue that the most exciting moment during a wedding is to exchange the rings, others say that instead it is a magical moment (as are the rings themselves, which have something magical).

Was assigned, and you assign even today, the exchange of rings (and not to signatures-the true seal of the bond of the marriage union.

If you have forgotten the wedding rings, the wedding fatevele pay a couple present at the ceremony.

If one of the two partners lose faith, this should be immediately reacquired, and it goes by the spouse during the marriage.