In Italy is used to carry the wedding rings, or wedding bands, the ring finger of the left hand, in many other States, puts himself in the right hand and in the thumb.

The traditional yellow gold has now been integrated/replaced with white gold, pink and various combinations.

In addition to the gold, currently the wedding rings are also made in other metals that are equally valuable: the palladium and platinum; even if only gold would be the symbol of eternity.

The rings serve to seal the promise of marriage and, in general, are worn as a sign of loyalty, in fact, the term Faith comes from the Latin Fides (fidelity).

In Italy, the faith in gold is also commonly called, especially by the less young people, with the name Vera / Ring.

In the rite of civil marriage is not provided for the exchange of the wedding rings, however, all people do.

Superstition: it is said that if your faith falls during the wedding the bride and groom soon quarrel, therefore, let it collect from the paggetto that generally brought, or who performs the ceremony.